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Post  Tyrant Lizard King on Tue Mar 15, 2011 8:16 am

These are the main rules, everyone have to follow these simple rules.
Do not use more than 5 smilies per post.
Do not double post. (just use the "Edit" button)
Do not use other people's work for a project without their permission.
Do not insult other members.
Do not spam messages on the chat.
Do not post random things.
Do not be rude.

If you break a rule:
You will be warned to don't do it again.

If you break a rule after being warned:
You will get a warning.

If you keep breaking rules:
You will be banned for a week.

If you, after being banned, break the rules again:
You will be IP banned (banned forever).

Credits to RaptorSpinoRex for this list of rules.
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